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P2Binvestor teams up with businesses just like yours to provide flexible, scalable, asset-backed lines of credit on an easy-to-use platform. We’re proud to be part of your success.


Financing Made Easy

Our goal is helping you meet your goals. That’s why we focus on the three things that will make your financing easier: Partnership; Flexible, Scalable Capital; and an Easy-to-Use Platform. With financing made easy, you can focus your attention where you really want—on growing your business.  


Partner to double your growth like Ozuké

Mara and Willow King started Ozuké in their kitchen, then grew the company to eight full-time employees and a dedicated factory for their “best pickled things.” However, with a long fermentation process, trailing expenses and delayed cash flow was hindering their growth. Ozuké partnered with P2Binvestor for a line of credit they called a “lifeline” to help with buying product and reducing cost of goods through bulk purchasing. Now, with P2Binvestor as its partner, Ozuké is looking at increased distribution, new partnerships and doubling its growth.


Get a six-fold increase in your line of credit like Splash Wines

An online investor marketplace on a single, simple tech platform allows P2Binvestor to provide flexible and scalable funding to prospective clients. Splash Wines needed just that. With a line of credit that has increased six-fold over the course of their partnership, we proved the perfect partner for Splash Wines. Splash Wines has reduced costs and can now keep inventory on both coasts to best keep up with ever-growing sales thanks to a P2Binvestor line of credit that grew with Splash Wines’ success.



Request funds simply like Swing Education

Swing Education built its company on making it easy to connect schools with the substitute teachers they need, so it knows how critical an easy-to-use platform is to success. That’s why Swing Education loves partnering with P2Binvestor. Our simple platform made it easy for Swing Education to manage and request increases to its line of credit. P2Binvestor’s easy-to-use platform also means Swing Education can focus on doing what it does best, finding teachers for schools.


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