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The right partner makes growth an adventure. Get a flexible, scalable asset-backed line of credit up to $10M on P2Binvestor’s easy to use platform. We’re ready to take the jump with you.


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One-on-One Partnership

Our dedicated account manager has got your back at every step

Growing Capital

$500K to $10M+ in capital and an asset-backed line of credit that grows with you

Flexible, Scalable Credit

Capital for payroll, office space or whatever you need, increase your credit line in days

Easy, Simple & Secure

Manage your credit line with our easy-to-use platform — businesses love it

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P2Bi believes in the partnership of people-2-business—that’s how we built our name, P2Binvestor, and why we stand by every customer. We promise dedicated service and quick decisions with a real platform for growth. Chat with us today to learn why we’re ready to take the jump with you.

P2Binvestor gave us peace of mind that that they would be there for us when money was tight and we were right on the edge. Now we’re growing faster than ever.
— Robert Imeson, Splash Wines Inc.

Capital to make your business take off

Founder Robert Imeson’s Splash Wine’s Inc. company is all about great wines, transparent pricing, and sensational customer service. With a business rapidly growing, Robert needed the flexibility to expand his business and add warehouse space to keep up with demand on both coasts.



High Growth to Bankability

Not everyone is ready for bank financing today, but there’s no need to miss out on a growing business. Through our P2Binvestor Bank Participation Program, banks join a proven, shared financing program that provides maximum upside and minimum risk, and the development of new relationships with promising businesses.