$250,000 to $10 million+ in an asset-backed revolving line of credit

“As we continued to see 70% sales growth, cash flow was a challenge. Order growth created significant up-front costs that took months to recoup, and P2Binvestor’s financing helped us manage cash flow and continue our robust growth strategy.”Brook Eddy, CEO and Founder, Bhakti Chai

Capital designed to help you grow without giving up equity.

Save Time

Get funded in a week or two vs. six months. We know what we’re looking for and can move fast. Get back to growing with fresh powder.

Save Money

Rates in the low-to-high teens on average. Fair, transparent pricing with a one-time origination fee and simple interest calculation.

Save Your Sanity

If you’re growing, we’re right there with you. No-hassle line increases. Switch to a bank product when you’re ready—no early out fees!

Flexible Capital

Our on-demand financing is ideal for pulling the trigger on key hires, accelerating your roadmap, planning for R&D, and filling the funnel.

Keep Your Equity

P2Bi does not take warrants or any other equity position in your company. Our debt solution helps you grow without giving up more equity.

No Covenants

We provide capital without restrictions and understand you may have fluctuations that should not inhibit your ongoing growth.

By Entrepreneurs, for Entrepreneurs

We’re entrepreneurs, just like you. We had this crazy idea to make working capital more accessible, affordable, modern, and designed for scale. We know firsthand how hard it is to build a business, so we created Ex-Factor, a revolving line of credit designed with your needs in mind. Join our family of happy borrowers today.