Access $250,000 to $10 million+ with a P2Bi line of credit that grows with your business

A new kind of lender

P2Binvestor is a financial technology company providing large lines of credit to growing companies who are too big for small business loans but cannot yet access a traditional bank line of credit. We partner with private investors and banks to provide our clients with competitively priced, flexible, and scalable capital. We also build amazing technology that makes it easy to manage large, asset-based lines of credit.

“As we continued to see 70% sales growth, cash flow was a challenge. Order growth created significant up-front costs that took months to recoup, and P2Binvestor’s financing helped us manage cash flow and continue our robust growth strategy.”Brook Eddy, CEO and Founder, Bhakti Chai

Grow your business.
Keep your equity.

Equity is expensive. Our lines of credit will give you the working capital you need to keep up with orders. See what you qualify for, and how much capital you can access.

Bank Partnerships

We partner with banks to reduce your cost of capital as your business grows. This unique program enables you to build a track record with a bank.

Privacy Protection

Our marketplace gives you the most competitive rates without sharing your information. You don’t need to take hundreds of sales calls.

Easy Fund Management

Our tech-enabled platform keeps it simple, seamless, secure, and swift. Get funded within 10 days.

Flexible, Scalable

Use your money, unrestricted, for payroll, office space—whatever you need—and increase your line of credit within days.

Keep Your Equity

We do not take warrants or equity. Our debt solution provides you with growth capital without dilution.

Are you a bank looking for a new product to offer growing businesses?

Learn more about our Bank Partnership Program.

By Entrepreneurs, for Entrepreneurs

We had this crazy idea that working capital should be more accessible, affordable, modern, and quickly scalable. So we built a company with a revolving line of credit created for the big businesses of tomorrow. Join our family of happy borrowers today.

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