P2Binvestor gave us peace of mind that that they would be there for us when money was tight and we were right on the edge. Now we’re growing faster than ever.
— Robert Imeson, Splash Wines Inc.

Credit Lines up to $10,000,0000

How would a multi-million-dollar line of credit help your business grow? At P2Bi, we're all about providing REAL growth capital to help your business soar. We provide higher lines of credit than any other online lender that can scale with you as you continue to grow. 

A Partner You Can Trust

We pride ourselves on our relationships, working with you through thick and thin, and becoming a partner that helps your business grow. Once onboarded, you’ll interact with the same Client Success Manager every time you have a question or concern. We don’t trick you with hidden fees and clauses, everything is transparent up front. You’ll receive a ‘white gloves’ treatment where we make YOU the priority on the path to bankability. 

We're Not Your Ordinary Lender

The lending industry is bogged down with $100-200K providers that boast the ability to fund you in as little as 24 hours with little to no background check. Your company is one of the hundreds they fund per day and when you reach out with a question, you get put in touch with a different customer service representative you have to re-introduce yourself to every time. At P2Bi, we pride ourselves on providing high-end, competitive lines of credit to great companies who are striving to be even greater. If you are seeking an unmatched customer experience for your potential multi-million-dollar line of credit, P2Bi is the partner for you.