Financing Strategies for Product Companies

Todd Stockbauer,
Former CFO, Spyder

Jeff Barnett,
Founder, Capital 2 Thrive

Krista Morgan,
CEO, P2Binvestor

Keep operations running smoothly—manufacturing entrepreneurs share lessons learned on improving cashflow.

Product companies face a specific set of challenges that require creative financing solutions. Whether you’re dealing with seasonality, high up-front costs, or slow-paying retailers, you need a strategy to mitigate cash-flow challenges and ensure your operations run smoothly.

During this session, we’ll be discussing financing strategies for product companies with three industry veterans. Jeff Barnett and Chad Lucero of Capital 2 Thrive LLC and Todd Stockbauer, former CFO of ski apparel brand Spyder, will talk about common issues manufacturers experience in the product lifecycle and how to solve them.

Topics Covered:
> How to plan for seasonality
> Funding options available to product companies
> The smartest way to fund every step in the product lifecycle

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