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*No upfront fees if you sign up before 5/1/2017.*

We’re breaking the barrier for entrepreneurs interested in debt-based financing.

P2Binvestor has waived our $750 due diligence fee until 2017.
We’re making it easier than ever for entrepreneurs to try debt-based financing and get the cash they need, faster. Get a line of credit that is accessible, affordable, modern, and designed for scale.

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As we continued to see 70% sales growth, cash flow was a challenge. Order growth created significant up-front costs that took months to recoup, and P2Binvestors financing helped us manage cash flow and continue our robust growth strategy.Brook Eddy, CEO and Founder, Bhakti Chai

Simple pricing. No hidden fees.

A daily fee on your outstanding balance. No finance degree needed.

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Scale your business faster.

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We help growing businesses cover the cash-flow gap so they can keep their products on the shelves, employees paid, and customers happy.

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