Why I Love My Ex … Customer, That Is

How a little heartbreak led to a whole lot of Ex-citement

I will never forget the day I learned one of our biggest customers was leaving to go to another alternative lender. I knew firsthand how much time and effort we had put into the relationship, and yet they were just going to walk away—no notice, no chance to fix it.

There’s a range of emotions you go through as an entrepreneur faced with this situation—anger, frustration, fear that all your customers are going to leave, and then, amazingly, a sense of determination that you will do whatever it takes to prevent this from ever happening again.

That fateful day will go down in history at P2Binvestor (affectionately, we say P2Bi) as the day we started our journey to build a better lending product. A product built with the best technology, the most flexibility, and an unbelievably intuitive user experience. A product we call Ex-Factor.

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