Webinar: Small Business Accounting 101

small business accounting webinar

We hosted a free webinar as part of our Small Business Bootcamp Webinar Series and covered everything you need to know to get your small business accounting in working order.  Our guest, Drew Lyon, is an accounting veteran and managing partner of Focused Energy. He shared the framework he uses to help entrepreneurs keep their numbers clean and their business operations on track for growth.

Too many entrepreneurs make the mistake of hiring a bookkeeper or accountant early in their business’ lifecycle. As the business owner, you should have an intimate understanding of the numbers that drive your company. Know how to build and interpret your balance sheet, cash-flow forecast, and income statement so you constantly have a finger on the pulse of your operations and can respond quickly to any red flags or take advantage of growth opportunities.

Check out this informative webinar and learn a few basic accounting principals, the pertinent reports you’ll need to keep everything running smoothly, and the schedule of tasks you should perform on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

Click here and watch our small business accounting webinar now:

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