man filling out form how to get a bank loan by p2binvestor

How Banks Evaluate Your Business Loan Application

It is common for businesses to use bootstrapped capital to fund operations. Personal savings and credit cards, contributions from friends and family, and even crowdfunding campaigns are commonly used as initial resources for startup funding. But once these funds can … Read the blog post

businessman leading meeting strategic cfo

How to Become a Strategic CFO

In recent years, the role of the CFO of an organization has shifted from a focus on finance-only tasks to a broader scope of responsibilities and challenges. CFOs are now major influencers in moving the business forward by managing strategic … Read the blog post

Business people analyse data when startups should hire a CFO

When Should Startups Hire a CFO?

Growing a startup requires entrepreneurs to actively oversee many facets of the business. Not only are you responsible for bringing in investment capital and developing your go-to-market strategy, you must also keep your finger on the pulse of financial reports … Read the blog post

cartoon on growth chart debt versus equity financing p2binvestor

Small Business Financing: Debt versus Equity

At some point in your business’s lifecycle, you’ll need an influx of cash to launch a new product, implement a new marketing strategy, hire staff, purchase raw materials, or execute on other growth initiatives. Few businesses are able to scale … Read the blog post

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Easy Business Loans from P2Binvestor: How it Works

Businesses face access-to-capital challenges at many stages in their growth cycle. Whether your company is in the early-stages, pre-revenue, or steadily growing, you need access to easy business loans that can scale with you. P2Binvestor (P2Bi) is a marketplace lender that … Watch the video

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Grow Your Product Business With These Five Investments

Business owners must constantly walk the cashflow-tightrope—simultaneously balancing operational costs while investing in growth. Bootstrapping capital from personal finances, friends and family, and early stage investors will only carry an organization so far. Eventually the business will need a significant … Read the blog post

piggy bank bleeding money reduce saas churn

Five Tips to Reduce SaaS Churn

Five Tips to Reduce SaaS Churn Well–run Software as a Service (SaaS) companies have the potential to achieve exponential growth. Smart SaaS providers can pave the way for a steady stream of recurring revenue through the combination of a clearly valuable … Read the blog post