Five Best Small Business Finance Blogs

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Ever heard the expression “those who lead, read?” Good business owners should read consistently to stay up to date on best practices, new trends, and emerging technologies in small business finance. We’ve spent some time compiling our favorite smb finance blogs. Each one is packed with loads of helpful tips and advice on everything from building credit for your businesses to filing taxes. Check out the latest list in our “five best” series. 

Five Best:
Small Business Finance Blogs

Business Credit Blogger

This blog will help you learn how to build credit for your business and obtain a loan without having to risk your personal credit or assets. It has great tips on the various funding options available to small businesses as well as advice on choosing a company credit card. Try out their loan calculator and determine how much per month you should allocate toward paying off your business loan.

Dear Drebit

Not only does this blog offer a ton of useful content, Drebit the frog will answer all your finance questions. Submit a question and Drebit will send the response straight to your inbox. They post on everything related to smb finance and have great tips for filing taxes. Check out their post on tax planning tools. Wondering why they call their mascot Drebit? Debit + credit = Drebit. We love it. 

Sleeter Report

Allow us to nerd out for a moment. Were you ever into the types of video games that had cheat codes? Those awesome, hidden items that could bump you five levels ahead like the warp whistle in Super Mario 3? Sleeter is your finance cheat code. The blog features best practices and time saving tips for accounting products, advice on cloud accounting, and upcoming tech trends to save your business time and money. Welcome to level seven.

Evergreen Small Business Blog

The how-to finance guide for small business owners. Evergreen’s blog is extensive covering everything that relates to smb finance. From recording customer deposits in quickbooks and small business IRS audits, you’ll find tons of relevant, useful content on their site. Their posts are easy to read and they somehow manage to make finance topics entertaining—really! Our favorite post? Walter White Wished He Had a PPO.

The FUNDamentals

We couldn’t help it. Our blog is seriously ramping up. We’re taking on topics like tax advice for first time small business owners, building a financial model from scratch, and the best cloud-based finance tools (just to name a few). We recently posted a webinar on cash-flow forecasting. Also, our CEO just wrote 25 pages on raising an angel round that is with our busy copy editor elves. Make sure you subscribe to get all the latest updates straight to your inbox. If you’ve got a burning question you’d like us to answer, let us know in the comments section below!

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