P2Binvestor’s Picks: Top 10 Kickstarter-Funded Companies in 2013

by Aimee McAdams

In 2013, we saw some incredible opportunities materialize for up-and-coming companies and investors seeking to help them. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) modified and approved new regulations that have allowed greater public access to crowdfunding investment opportunities which in turn created chances for small businesses to fund their endeavors.

kickstarter crowdfunding and small business lendingKickstarter.com, one of the best-known crowdfunding platforms, has helped many small businesses and entrepreneurs generate capital to develop their products, and 50 of the products on the site generated over $1 million in funding.

Here are just a few of the top projects that met their financial goals through crowdfunding at Kickstarter.com in 2013. Take note—you might be seeing them in stores soon!

1. Lima—A Kickstarter top 50! This small adaptor by the CGC Team lets you turn your USB drive into a personal memory and storage space that is common to all your electronic devices. Lima was 1,781% funded in September of 2013 and raised over $1 million through crowdfunding! Lima has garnered positive attention from such sites as techcrunch.com, hashslush.com and Gold Point Magazine (goldpointmag.com).

2. Neptune Pine Smartwatch—Another heavy hitter on Kickstarter, Neptune Pine earned over $800,000 by the time their funding closed in December, 2013. This was over 800% of their funding goal! The watch is really more of a smartphone for your wrist, offering all of the benefits of a phone, including the ability to make calls, send texts, and surf the Internet. The Neptune Pine Smartwatch has earned glowing reviews from techcrunch.com, digitaltrends.com, Tech Cocktail, and Droid Life.

3. Zombicide (Season 2)—Kickstarter is not just for tech products! This popular board game fromCoolMiniOrNot was over 9,000% funded in March of 2013, earning over $2 million before all was said and done! Zombiecide (Season 2) is a follow-up to another Kickstarter success and is fully compatible with the first edition of the game. This popular game has received excellent reviews on several gaming sites and has a five-star rating from purchasers on Amazon.com.

4. Capture Camera Clip (v2)—This little gadget, by Peak Design, raised a lot of interest as well as capital when it showed up on Kickstarter earlier in the year. The company raised over $800,000 for the production of the small metal clip that allows travelers to carry a camera on any backpack strap, belt, or bag. The clip has a quick-release system that keeps the camera secure, yet easily accessible. The tiny clip has seen a huge response from cnet.com, petapixel.com, geekbeat.tv, and has a four-and-a-half-star user rating on Amazon.com.

5. Coburns ipad Stand—When funding closed on these stylish ipad stands in December, the company found itself over 400% funded by Kickstarter investors. The sleek, versatile stands were in high demand due to their clean look and compact design, as well as media attention from theawesomer.com, coolmaterial.com, and slashgear.com. From Fine Grain.

6. CRT coasters from Fireclay Tile—These beautiful coasters are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are also friendly to the environment. Maybe that’s why their Kickstarter campaign raised over $16,000, well over their original goal of $1,000! Fireclay uses the recycled glass from old televisions and computer monitors (cathode ray tubes or CRT, for short). CRT glass is thick and shatter-resistant, but also difficult to use. The company found a way to recycle the material, creating a green, U.S.-made product that compliments any home. Due to their green nature, these CRT coasters have received rave reviews from inhabitat.com, Mother Nature Network, (mnn.com), and treehugger.com. They have also attracted the attention of theawesomer.com and slate.com

7. Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden—This tech-driven indoor garden allows even the blackest of thumbs to grow basil, thyme, and many other herbs. When funding closed in April, this product had raised over $625,000,more than 800% of their goal! The Smart Herb Garden provides a special growth medium that gives just the right amount of nutrients, oxygen, and water to establish roots. It has received positive reviews from fastcodesign.com, techcrunch.com, and foxnews.com. From Click and Grow.

8. Minaal Carry-on Bag—Travelers love this low-profile, durable carry-on from the folks at Minaal, and the proof is in the funding-over 1,000% of the original goal! Minaal earned $340,000 to produce their top-notch travel bags which include multiple storage pockets, a removable rain cover, and a locking, neoprene laptop pocket. This bag has been rated one of the five best backpacks on multiple travel sites, along with earning high marks on such sites as gearhungry.com and forbes.com.

9. FlyKly Wheel—This innovative smart wheel turns any bike into an electric bike, allowing commuters to travel at speeds up to 20 mph. The pedal assist wheel holds a thin electric motor and electronics that fit onto the spokes of the wheel’s rim. When funding closed in November, the company, FlyKly, had earned over $700,000, 700% of their goal! Huffpost.com, gizmag.com, and businessinsider.com have all sung the praises of this energy-saving gadget.

10. GoSun Stove—Making the most of the Greenhouse effect, this simple, durable cooking device relies on solar power to bake, fry, broil, and more. Parabolic mirrors concentrate sunlight and cook the food inside. GoSun wasover 500% funded when they closed in October! Treehugger.com, mnn.com, and inhabitat.com have all given this product kudos for its environmentally-friendly approach to outdoor cooking.

These are just a few of the promising projects that got off the ground with the help of crowdfunding in 2013. Kickstarter provided the first step in helping these small business owners realize their vision and product market fit to get their products into the hands of consumers. As these businesses continue to grow and gain momentum, it will be interesting to see how they will choose to fund their growth. With all of the innovative options and recent developments in the world of alternative finance and small business lending, how will these exciting companies and their products thrive in the new year?


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