How P2Binvestor’s Peer-to-Business Lending Works in Less Than 90 Seconds

P2Binvestor's peer to business lending platform: How it works in less than 90 seconds

By P2Binvestor Staff

P2Binvestor is a crowdlending platform that specializes in peer-to-business lending. For many businesses, great ideas and rapid growth are often accompanied by slow-paying customers and subsequent cash-flow issues. Banks often cannot or will not lend to businesses without several years of operating history and profitability. Today, larger companies are trending toward longer payment terms, often putting their smaller supplier companies in a financial bind.

P2Binvestor is here to help businesses solve these problems and thrive in an increasingly complex business funding envir-onment. We supply working capital to growing businesses—secured by a company’s receivables—at competitive rates. Borrowing from asset-backed lending and factoring, our model functions like a revolving line of credit and is funded by an investor crowd interested in helping businesses create jobs and fuel the economy while earning a fair return.

We offer several financing products available for growing businesses.

Wondering how it works? Watch this short video.



P2Binvestor is a crowdfunding platform for working capital financing and a leader in crowdfunding receivables. P2Binvestor utilizes the power of technology and its crowd of accredited investors to simplify lending and provide working capital to growing businesses faster and at more affordable rates. The company offers three flexible products: A receivables-purchase product, an asset-backed line of credit, and a credit line secured by future revenue (designed for SaaS companies). P2Binvestor lends to companies in all 50 U.S. states in various industries including staffing, natural foods, manufacturing, technology, and more. P2Binvestor has been providing businesses’ receivables financing since December 2012. For more information, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @P2Binvestor.

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