Marketplace Lender P2Binvestor Announces Institutional Investment Relationship with MW Eaglewood Americas LLC

The P2Binvestor team in front of Union Station in Denver, Colorado

DENVER, April 11, 2016 — P2Binvestor (P2Bi), a leading marketplace lender for asset-based working capital, today announced a new relationship with MW Eaglewood Americas LLC, an SEC-registered investment adviser.

The P2Binvestor team in front of Union Station in Denver, Colorado

The P2Binvestor team in front of Union Station in Denver, Colorado

“We are excited to finalize a relationship with one of the top funds in the marketplace lending space,” said Krista Morgan, CEO and cofounder of P2Bi. “This partnership greatly increases the liquidity of our marketplace and enhances our ability to lend to new high-growth borrowers.”

Established and emerging marketplaces offer an increasingly diverse field of credit products, investment opportunities and technology. P2Bi is among a class of marketplace lenders focused on addressing a serious problem for growing small businesses–the gap in access to fast, efficient and affordable capital–by combining technology with a crowd model.

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About P2Binvestor
P2Binvestor (P2Bi) is a marketplace lender that provides revolving lines of credit of up to $5 million per B2B borrower. P2Bi is the only online commercial lender that can underwrite and fund a million-dollar line of credit in a few days. Borrowers must be U.S.-based and typically come from industries such as technology, consumer products, manufacturing, media, energy, personnel services, consulting and more. With an average line of credit of $750,000, P2Bi has provided more than $150 millionin revolving credit to its borrowers since going to market in early 2014. Accredited investors participate in funding each line of credit and earn a return through P2Bi’s proprietary investment platform. Learn more at and follow on Twitter @P2Binvestor.

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