Last Minute Mobile Strategies to Increase Product Sales During the Holidays

women ecommerce shopping last minute mobile strategies to increase product sales this holidays

The holiday season is upon us and with it the chance for product companies to increase sales and acquire new customers. But with all the advertising noise that comes at this time of year, how can you make sure your business stands out? A hyper-targeted mobile strategy will help you get in front of potential customers during this busy time. Here are a few last-minute mobile strategies to increase product sales during the holidays both in-store and online.

1) Use geofencing and local awareness to drive customers to your retail locations

If your brand uses an app, you have the ability to engage local shoppers using push notifications and geofences. Set perimeters around your retail locations and when shoppers enter the area, they’ll receive a banner notification that lets them know your product is nearby. You may also want to offer a special discount to entice purchases. Here’s more info to help you get started.

Don’t have an app? No worries. You can also use Facebook’s local awareness feature to draw nearby customers to your shelves. These ads are easy to create and highly customizable. Go here for help on how to send offers through Facebook.

2) Build the right audience and hyper-focus your ad copy

This time of year, keep in mind that you should be marketing to two types of people: your ideal customer and the person shopping for them. Make sure you’ve built your ads to speak to both of these consumer groups. Start by creating custom Facebook audiences using any demographic information you know about these types of purchasers. Collect data and statistics on mobile shoppers and use those insights to build your campaigns.

When you’re writing your ad copy for gift-givers, remember that your usual tactics for attracting your ideal customer will not apply. Instead, use phrases such as “best gift for techies” or “best gift for foodies” to help assure shoppers that your product is the perfect idea for the recipient they have in mind.

3) Optimize your mobile flow

In 2014, mobile commerce revenues amounted to 14.8 billion dollars. If you’re hoping for a piece of that number this holiday season, your mobile checkout process must be seamless.  Kissmetrics reported recently that a one-second page delay decreases conversions one a site by 7%. To help make sure your customers get through the checkout process, there are a few relatively easy things you can do:

  • Start by testing the speed of your checkout flow. If any of the pages are loading slower than you’d like, use a tool like YSlow or PageSpeed to figure out what is causing the delay.
  • Filling out payment info on mobile can be tricky. Make it easier for visitors by prefilling known fields. Here’s how to set up Google Autofill on your site to make it easier for customers to complete a purchase.
  • 58% of online shoppers abandon the cart because they believe shipping costs are too high. By calling attention to free shipping offers, you significantly increase your conversion opportunities.

Check out this post by UsabilityGeek for more tips to optimize your checkout process.

4) Create a buzz

To really catch customers’ attention at the holidays, you need to pair advertising with content. Go beyond offering a deal on your product or service. Engage with your customer in a relatable way that highlights the holiday season. A Czech e-commerce site created this viral video ad that shows an old man using their product to purchase English lessons so he can speak to his grandchild. While you don’t need to create a video campaign, you can easily make something that allows your brand to take part in the holiday cheer. You could offer discounts or rewards to customers who submit photos using your branded hashtag, for example. Check out this list of holiday campaign ideas by Hubspot for more options to consider.


This is the perfect time of year to connect with customers, both new and old. With the rapid rise in mobile purchasing, it is vital to your business to have an engaging mobile marketing strategy that allows you to stand out in the midst of all the merriment as well as a smooth purchasing experience to convert visitors into customers. Though the holiday season is well underway, it’s not too late to implement a few of these mobile strategies. Good luck and happy holidays!

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  1. I wish I would have seen this before the holidays! So important to maximize those sales during the holiday season which is the bread and butter for most companies.

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