Franchise Debt Crowdfunding: A Primer for Investors, New Franchise Owners, and the Curious

The franchise industry is a powerful driver of growth in the U.S., comprising over 12% of all new businesses and contributing over half a trillion in GDP annually. Franchise owners will have capital demand of nearly $45 billion for new units and resales in 2016, but traditional lenders, including banks, cannot meet the growing demand. Enter marketplace lending. Today, franchisees can access a new source of capital and accredited investors can access franchise debt as an asset class—for the first time. In this webinar, P2Binvestor CEO Krista Morgan chats with Denise Thomas, CEO and cofounder of ApplePie Capital, about marketplace lending in a franchise context, how investors should analyze franchise debt investments, the importance of the franchise brand, and borrower-related topics. Check out our full webinar on franchise debt crowdfunding and leave us a comment with any questions we can help answer.

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