Five Things That Define Our Workplace Culture

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What is culture? What is our culture? We were challenged to define what makes our company’s culture so special recently. We don’t have rules per se, but in our relatively short journey as a company, we made conscious choices about what we do as a team at P2Binvestor. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, these five tenets generally describe how we do things and treat each other in the course of our shared work to build an amazing company:

  1. We are building a company that will change the way growing businesses access capital and how commercial lending is done, and that requires a whole lot of hard work and dedication by every single one of us. As such, we each deserve to be proud of what we have accomplished; we choose to share those accomplishments and celebrate with our colleagues, but no one wants to be treated better than anyone else.
  2. We believe in a relatively flat hierarchy structure in which everyone is encouraged to take leadership when they feel compelled to and we don’t do things in a “because I told you so” way.
  3. We check egos at the door and are honest and transparent in everything that we do. We forgive and let things go. We give our colleagues trust and freedom. We let each other know about issues directly so we can resolve them quickly and not harbor feelings that can be detrimental to our team or work performance. We commit to grow from our mistakes.
  4. We are fanatical proponents of equality and diversity.
  5. We love spending time together at work and outside of work. We give out lots and lots of virtual gold stars, but we never count or track them.

Perhaps these tenets or a portion of them are in place at your company or organization. Let us know in the comments: What is your culture?

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