The Digital Advertising Ecosystem and Getting Started for New Advertisers

Do you want to learn how to navigate the nebulous world of online advertising and transition to a data-driven advertising effort? In this webinar, cofounder and CEO Andrew Fischer of Choozle, a Denver-based digital advertising platform, provides a detailed overview of digital advertising methodology and platforms available. He also shares some tips and ideas for running a well-oiled effort in house—a benefit to new advertisers as well as seasoned. P2Binvestor CEO Krista Morgan, who has a background in digital marketing, joins Andrew and facilitates the webinar.

Featuring Choozle, a Denver-based advertising marketplace and digital marketing platform. The Choozle platform enables marketers to procure high-quality consumer insights then apply their data directly into programmatic digital media campaigns (display, video, social, retargeting, Facebook)—all from a single, simple interface. Follow Choozle on Twitter @Choozle and CEO Andrew Fischer @AndrewFischer_1

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