Covering all the Bases Building a Great Founders Agreement

Recorded July 17, 2015

with Catherine Stanton, Stanton Law Firm LLC
Moderated by P2Binvestor CEO Krista Morgan

One of the critical things cofounders should consider when starting a new business together is forming some sort of founders agreement. A good agreement and the process by which cofounders determine what will ultimately be included in the agreement can minimize the likelihood of serious issues that could jeopardize the company later down the road. In this webinar, startup attorney and mediator Catherine Stanton of Stanton Law Firm LLC talks about founders’ agreements, how to discuss company goals and arrangements with your cofounders in the course of forming an agreement, how to incorporate sticky language into an agreement—such as dealing with covenants and establishing guidelines for firing a founder, and much more. P2Binvestor CEO Krista Morgan joins Catherine and facilitates a question and answer session at the end of the webinar.

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