Calling All Startups: 12 Equity Crowdfunding Firms to Check Out Today

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With the buzz about equity crowdfunding growing steadily over the years and the official passing of Title III of the JOBS Act in October, many existing and new equity crowdfunding firms are strengthening their investor relations and making greater appeals to startups in need of capital to take their companies to the next level.

For entrepreneurs ready to jump into the equity crowdfunding arena, here are 12 firms to check out today.

    1. AngelList – AngelList is a one-stop marketplace for all things startup. Not only can entrepreneurs find investors and top talent for their ventures, investors can see which new businesses are ahead of the curve, and job seekers looking to break into the startup scene can find relevant openings.
    2. CircleUp – One of the original equity crowdfunding platforms for startups, CircleUp pledges to help both investors and entrepreneurs do what they do, better.
    3. Microventures Microventures is a full-service, online platform that opens doors for traditional venture capital investors to connect with innovative new startups, while also providing a gateway for budding entrepreneurs to find mentors and investors interested in growing their businesses.
    4. Seedrs – Seedrs has been around the equity crowdfunding table for awhile, making big waves for ambitious business owners in the UK by connecting investors with vetted entrepreneurs. Currently, Seedrs is making moves to launch their platform in the US.
    5. Quire – Quire connects investors with startups that have already received vetting and funding from venture capital firms. Through a feature that Quire calls “the deal’s sponsor”, venture capital sponsors set investment terms, as well as mentor founders, before investment opportunities are opened to the crowd.
    6. Localstake – Consider Localstake to be the equity crowdfunding portal for would-be mom-and-pop shops. Localstake creates relationships between entrepreneurs and investors with the common goal of building ventures in their own backyards, creating unique opportunities for one-on-one mentorship and local economic growth.
    7. SeedInvest – SeedInvest connects investors to highly vetted startup ventures without charging investor fees or carried interest. With close to 15,000 investors in their network, SeedInvest’s platform connects individual investors with VC firms, family offices, and strategic investors.
    8. Fundable – Fundable touts the hands-on nature of its own founding team as a quality that sets it apart from the crowd. Started by several experienced entrepreneurs, who have succeeded in raising capital from traditional means for their businesses in the past, Fundable offers guidance to budding startups as they navigate the process.
    9. FlashfundersThis equity crowdfunding site lists its belief that entrepreneurs should have complete control over their funding rounds as a main selling point to startup CEOs looking to play bigger role in the investment process.
    10. FundersClub – FundersClub has been in business for more than three years and lists companies like Instacart and Talent Bin among some of the innovative startups it has helped get off the ground.
    11. EarlyShares – EarlyShares is one of the many equity crowdfunding sites populating the horizon that focus exclusively on investment opportunities in real estate, working with seasoned real estate professionals to offer highly vetted deals to investors.
    12. RealtyMogul – Like EarlyShares, RealtyMogul is similarly focused on using technology and crowdfunding to change the game in real estate investing, connecting accredited investors to a wide range of debt and equity real estate investment opportunities.

And that’s not all! With the passage of the new SEC rules on equity crowdfunding, many existing investment firms are beginning to plot their debuts onto the crowdfunding scene, with several already operating in Beta mode.

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