Raise Your Round

An entrepreneur’s guide to finding investors, closing the deal, and engaging your angels

Find investors, pitch your company, and close your round like a pro with this ebook.

Raising equity from angel investors is a complicated and often exhausting process. It takes a lot of trial and error to perfect your message and start closing deals. But all in all, raising successfully from angel investors is a repeatable process you can master.

P2Binvestor CEO Krista Morgan shares all she learned from spending four years on the fundraising trail and raising over $10 million in equity from angel investors. She’s compiled her tips, tools, and knowledge in a step-by-step guide that will leave you prepared to start or alter your fundraising journey.

In this ebook you will learn:
» The profile of a typical angel investor
» How to prepare for your raise
» Where and how to find investors
» What to include in your diligence room
» How to close the deal
» Tips on engaging your investors after you close your round

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P2Binvestor CEO and cofounder Krista Morgan shares her tips for raising a round successfully from angel investors.

by Krista Morgan
Cofounder and CEO of P2Binvestor

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