Working capital for growing businesses with big ambitions.

You built it. They came. You’ve bootstrapped, raised capital, used credit cards, and you’re here now because you’re looking for more capital. Flexible capital. Capital you can draw using a mobile device in the 11th hour. On your way to your daughter’s recital. Before you get on a plane to the next meeting to close your next big deal. You need a revolving line of credit that can grow with you all the way to the bank.

Welcome to Ex-Factor.

A true revolving line of credit designed to help you scale.

Not quite ready to jump? Chat with a lending specialist first or look under the hood and see how much our line of credit will help you grow with our interactive growth forecasting tool. You can also download a PDF info sheet.

Who qualifies?

Typically, you’ll qualify for our revolving line of credit if:

  • You’re based in the U.S.
  • All or mostly B2B (you sell your product or service to other businesses)
  • You are generating at least $500,000 in annual revenue (we can’t work with pre-revenue companies yet)
  • You’ve been in business at least a year or two
  • You have accounts receivable and/or inventory to secure the line
  • Your company is growing or you wish to grow it faster

What Ex-Factor is:

Flexible financing that lets you seize all of your opportunities.

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    Make that hire

    Bring on key hires faster to help you achieve exponential growth.

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    Fill the funnel

    Spend capital on top-of-funnel opportunities and bring in fresh leads.

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    Accelerate faster

    Get closer to hockey-stick growth and big-time valuation.

ex-factor by P2Binvestor - user requesting funds


Ex-Factor. As in no more F-word: factoring. We designed a revolving line of credit that is secured by good assets like receivables and inventory, but it’s easier to use and has better pricing than factoring. When most people think about accounts receivable financing, they think of factoring. But, no more. A new sheriff’s in town. Ex-Factor won’t get you coffee, but it will improve your cash flow so much that you can hire someone to get it for you. Cream and sugar?

Choosing P2Binvestor as your financing partner has its perks!

Here are a few other things our borrowers love about Ex-Factor—things we think you’ll love, too.

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    Access to the cash you need to grow

    We use technology and a crowdsourcing model to reduce our effective cost of capital and pass the savings onto you. Get up to $10 million in financing in as few as five business days.

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    No surprises

    We are committed to transparency in pricing and operations. No tricks. No traps. No funny math. Our rate is daily and non-compounding and is only charged on what you use.

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    A rate guarantee

    We designed our line of credit for growing companies like yours, so it makes sense that you will outgrow us someday. When you’re ready to move on to a line of credit with a bank, we will miss you, but will set you free with no penalties or fees for leaving.

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    Flexible financing

    We take a holistic look at your company. It’s not just about your personal credit score. So don’t sweat it if you’re not in the 800s. Our average borrower is U.S. based, B2B, and has at least $500,000 in annual revenue and a year of operating history under their belt.

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    Rate decreases over time

    We know that your company is continuously growing and big changes can happen—sometimes overnight! For this reason, we believe your finance partner should be as nimble as you are and recognize that hard work should reflect the best rate possible. That’s why your rate with us lowers as you become more profitable, get bigger orders, and expand into larger markets.

Our Promise

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    We are committed to transparency in pricing and operations. No surprises. No tricks.

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    The Best Service

    We go above and beyond for our clients and we promote them as often as we can.

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    Added Perks

    It doesn’t hurt to have your business front and center with a crowd of accredited investors. You have access to a pool of people who may become your customers, supporters, and are in a good position to help you in a lots of other ways.