Working capital to keep up with your big ambitions.

This isn’t your first rodeo. You’ve built your business from the ground up and now you’re ready for the next level. Grow your business the way you want with our Bank Partnership Program.

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We partner with private investors and banks to provide scalable funding through asset-backed revolving lines of credit at below market rates.

P2Bi’s marketplace and bank partners fund the lines, and you get fast, easy access to capital through our streamlined digital platform. You never have to re-qualify; we automatically graduate you to the best rate as you grow. And, when you’re ready for full bank financing, we make that easy, too.

Loan terms. On your terms.

You can get affordable growth capital when you need it, even when other banks say no.
So c’mon, let’s get funded, and let’s get growing.

What do you get?

Flexible, secure, scalable financing gives you:

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    A unique loan structure

    Lower borrowing rates compared to other alternative lending options.

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    A transition to full bank financing

    No re-qualifying. No funding or tech disruptions.

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    Growth acceleration

    Faster access to capital helps achieve more goals and capture more opportunities.

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    Daily, non-compounding interest

    You’re charged only on what you use.

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    A progressively lower cost of capital

    As you track record builds, lower cost borrowing options increase.

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    Growth capital without dilution

    Keep your equity as you grow.

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    A better experience

    Our technology-enabled lending platform is seamless, secure and swift. (Get funds in 10 days.)

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    Unrestricted funds

    Use your money for payroll, inventory, office space, or anything else.

What companies qualify?

Typically, you’ll qualify for our revolving line of credit if you:

  • Are US-based with A/R and/or inventory
  • Have been established for at least two years
  • Are generating $500K in annual revenue
  • Are growing or you wish to grow faster

One innovative lending solution.
$250K to $10M+ in lines of credit that grow when you do.

See if you qualify to get bank financing faster—or get funded immediately until you do qualify.

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