Rapid growth can happen faster than you think.

Get up to $10 million in a flexible line of credit.

How much capital could you use to keep up with future demand?

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Finally, achieve rapid growth with flexible financing.

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    Make that hire

    Bring on key hires faster to help you achieve exponential growth.

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    Fill the funnel

    Spend capital on top-of-funnel opportunities and bring in fresh leads.

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    Accelerate faster

    Achieve hockey-stick growth and get the big-time valuations.

Seize the opportunities that will help your business scale.

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Why work with P2Bi?

Partnering with us has its perks!

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    Time Savings:

    Get funded in a week or two vs. six months. We know what we’re looking for and can move fast. Get back to growing your business with fresh powder.

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    Flexible Capital

    Our on-demand financing is ideal for pulling the trigger on hires, roadmap acceleration, and filling the funnel.

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    Growing Capital

    If you’re growing, we’re growing right along with you. Simply put, more orders and volume means more available capital for you. No-hassle, nearly immediate line increases.

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    Competitive Pricing

    Rates in the low-to-high teens on average. Our debt solution is designed to help you grow without giving up more equity. Fair, transparent pricing with a one-time origination fee and simple interest calculation.

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    Ownership Retention

    P2Bi does not take an equity position in your company.

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    No Covenants

    We provide capital without restrictions and understand you may have month-to-month fluctuations that should not inhibit your ongoing growth.

Our team of lending specialists can answer your questions about growth, financing solutions, and how to choose a funding strategy that fits your needs.

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