Financial Modeling for SaaS Founders

A founder’s guide to building and maintaining an agile
and accurate SaaS financial model

Christoph Janz
Point Nine Capital, SaaS founder, serial entrepreneur, investor

Nick Franklin
Founder and CEO, ChartMogul

Brian Parks
Founder, Brandfolder

Matt Talbot
Co-founder and CEO, GoSpotCheck

Get more cash in the bank – SaaS founders share secrets for building a SaaS financial model.

Explore Christoph Janz’s wildly popular SaaS Financial Plan 2.0 and learn how to keep your model agile, easy, and fast. Plus, Christoph, a SaaS founder and serial investor, will share what investors are looking for when they review your financials.

You’ll also hear from two SaaS founders (one pre-series A and one heading into series B) to learn how to customize the model for your company’s unique needs.

Our panelists also shared their thoughts on:
» Owning your SaaS financial model – who & how
» Using your model to question/diagnose/decide
» Using your model to communicate

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