Big growth. Shared Risk. We’ve Changed the Game. Again.

P2Binvestor is making it easier for banks to lend to growing companies with our scalable, lending marketplace and streamlined,
digital receivables platform. With our new Bank Partnership Program banks can increase access to markets through a turnkey
ABL solution that minimizes risk and maximizes customer value.

One Loan. Two Lenders. Lots of Benefits.

Immediate Revenue

Realize immediate revenue from an ABL product without any set-up costs.

Maximum Upside, Minimum Risk

Participate in a unique, shared loan structure with P2Bi that gives you access to new customers while stratifying risk.

Boost Lifetime Customer Value

Establish relationships with growing customers early to realize greater customer value over time.

World-Class Technology

Provide a world-class technology-enabled lending experience without any integration hassle.

How it works

  • We partner with a bank to offer asset-based line of credit targeted to growing businesses.
  • P2Bi’s platform manages the underwriting, servicing, and risk management.
  • Our Bank Partners fund up to 50% of the line of credit in a senior capacity.
  • P2Bi’s marketplace funds the balance of the line.
  • Growing businesses access more affordable capital and have an improved customer experience.

Why P2Bi?

Track Record

$125M ABL portfolio with over 99% collection record.

Perfect processing history of daily lockbox reconciliation and advance requests


Syndication marketplace funds million-dollar loans in minutes at zero costs.

Proprietary servicing platform minimizes management costs.


Market leader for $250K-10M A/R and inventory LOCs.

Unparalleled expertise in loan and collateral management.

We already have some great partnerships in place.