Next-generation financing for next-generation companies.

P2Bi has redesigned the financing process to maximize value and minimize risk. We combine industry-leading expertise with innovative technology to offer flexible, affordable capital to growing businesses. By joining our Bank Partnership Program, you can access high-growth companies sooner, increase client lifetime value, and put more capital to work without needing additional resources.

Transforming companies. Creating opportunities. Elevating lending.

Grow your portfolio

Put more capital to work and realize immediate revenue.

Increase client lifetime value

Establish relationships with promising clients sooner, multiplying value over time.

Innovative lending technology

Have full control and transparency with cutting-edge lending technology that requires zero integration.

Strategic partnership

Join a proven, shared financing program that provides maximum upside and minimum risk.

How it works

  • P2Bi sources and screens growing companies in need of flexible, working capital.
  • Together, we underwrite a line of asset-based credit—verifying collateral and performing all audits.
  • You receive payment priority and fund half of the facility. P2Bi’s crowd of investors fund the second half. Each facility is managed by P2Bi using its lending platform.
  • Through your bank portal, you can track each participation and receive updates in real-time.
  • As businesses grow, they can graduate into your regular C&I portfolio.

Why P2Bi?

Proven success

$125M asset-based portfolio with over 99% collection record.

Cutting-edge technology

Proprietary lending technology provides real-time risk monitoring.

Zero integration or set-up required.

Industry know-how

National leader in marketplace lending.

Unparalleled expertise in loan and collateral management.