About Us

The problem we’re solving

P2Binvestor is revolutionizing commercial lending for small and medium-sized businesses through technology and a marketplace model. The businesses we serve are the engines for growth in our economy, yet their access to capital — real capital that doesn’t limit them and can grow with them — is almost nonexistent.

Simply put: We offer a better line of credit to a new generation of business owners and leaders. And we use tech to make everything easier — we facilitate the lending and reporting process so that our clients can spend more time focused on driving their business revenues and less time managing their cash flows.

Our team is made of:

People who have climbed a fourteener
People who love to sing Karaoke
Craft beer lovers
Tequila lovers
Women in our leadership team
People who are left handed
People who are one handed
People who have children
People who come from vowel states (Iowa, Idaho... etc)
People over 40
People who are fluent in another language
People who are passionate about helping businesses grow

Meet Our Team

This is our fearless leader, CEO and Cofounder Krista Morgan.

In addition to running P2Binvestor, she is the cohost of Women Who Startup Radio (a podcast), an ardent mentor to other women entrepreneurs, and a trusted leader who speaks regularly on business finance, fundraising, and scaling a startup.

photo of P2Binvestor CEO Krista Morgan

Photo credit: Paul Talbot

Want to reach a member of our team? Email our team address and it will get routed to the right person.
You can also call us at (720) 361-1500.

Our Executive Team

Krista Morgan
Cofounder & CEO

Jeff Taggart
Chief Technology Officer

Jennie Hoff
Chief Operating Officer

Jim Shehigian
Chief Commercial Officer

P2Binvestor Team

Alysha Cooke, VP of Finance, P2binvestor

Alysha Cooke
VP of Finance

Ken Carlson VP of Credit and Risk

Ken Carlson
VP of Credit and Risk

Nathalie Brochu
VP of Capital Markets

Jeremy Putka Director of Partnerships

Jeremy Putka
Director of Partnerships

Pete Freeman Credit Manager

Pete Freeman
Credit Manager

Molly Berger, Head of Client Engagement, P2Binvestor

Molly Berger
Head of Client Engagement

Assael Ramirez
Credit Analyst

Liz Lindow Client Success Manager

Liz Lindow
Client Success Manager

Kayla Bowsky
HR and Office Manager

Luke Fernie, Credit Analyst, P2Binvestor

Luke Fernie
Credit Analyst

Kara Morrissey
Lending Operations Manager

Angela Lindow, Software Engineer, P2Binvestor

Angela Lindow
Software Engineer

Dave Cass Senior Product Manager

Dave Cass
Senior Product Manager

Sydney McManness, Client Success Coordinator, P2binvestor

Sydney McManness
Client Success Coordinator

Lindsey Triplett
Credit Analyst

Vaughn Hood, Account Executive, P2Binvestor

Vaughn Hood
Account Executive

Shannon Kossick Account Executive

Shannon Kossick
Account Executive

Becky Anderson, Accounts Receivable Coordinator, P2Binvestor

Becky Anderson
Accounts Receivable Coordinator